Linked In Advertising Results

Linked In Advertising Results

LI or looks promising for IM (Internet Marketing).

You can target by profession such as Lawyers.

You can target by state or city.

A general ad for a legal product we have for lawyers was on LI yesterday.

3100+ impressions but not one click and the same ad gets decent CTR on other networks such as Yahoo, Bing and Google.

Why no clicks?

LI is like FB it’s a new advertising platform that just doesn’t get it yet, you have to push your sponsored ads to make money, that means prominent center of page in viewing area ads, or ads top left of page.

Just like FB (Facebook) LI is rotating targeted ads on the dead side of the page, the right side, and in English speaking countries the humans reading content on FB and LI read left to right, not right to left so the ads are like adwords when you are outside of the top 3 spots on serps.


So LI you need to promote your sponsors better, push the ads to the left side of the page so they can get clicks and you can make money.

Ads targeted to larger user bases may work to some degree on the right side, but 3K impressions on the right side is too small of an amount to see any response from when the ads are in death valley the right side of a page.