Since we have a ton of sites with .MOBI content and products like books aimed to be read on mobi devices, we decided to try BUZZCITY.

It’s a mobi ad network run out of Singapore by Dr. KF Lai

Buzz City claims to have secured 3 rounds of VC financing.

Dr. Lai is an older man who got his doctorate in the USA at a Wisconsin University.

Initial tests showed over 50% of the alleged clicks never arrived on our network.

Initial tests showed of that 50% around 10% was generated from within Buzz City.

Most of the clicks are from minor sites with garbage low cost tld domain names, such as .99 cent .info sites.


The BC network supposedly allows you to target by country users, and even types of content they are using and also devices and even the network they are accessing the net from.

We are testing that and will update if it is real.


So far the clicks are minor in cost in the 1 cent range and thus far they are not even worth that in our opinion.

Since we tweaked the ad platform of BC to send us traffic now from USA, UK and Canada and only NEWS or INFO sites, it may improve the quality of the clicks.

So far the reports are questionable, since we had 1000 clicks in a short amount of time and the reports showed only 300 exposures, over the new few hours the exposures showed much more, so reports may be created.

Now that we have excluded many types of devices and OS’s and countries, we can better judge the quality of buzz city.

It may be learning how to EXCLUDE items such as countries, devices, channels and even publishers is how you get quality traffic, if any exists on the network.

You get what you pay for and the default CPC bid is set to .05 or five cents, but so far the BC network can get you lots of clicks for 1 cent, but 50% of them never hit our network so far.

So the 1 cent clicks bought traffic at 2 cents and it was not quality traffic in our opinion so far.

But we will continue to test it, since it seems to have the capability of excluding some of the garbage clicks out.